Imran criticizes ECP’s silence over “extra ballots”

ISLAMABAD, 03 DEC (DNA) -PTI Wednesday condemned the ECP for covering up various issues including ‘the printing of extra ballot papers’ as claimed in the press conference of 28th Nov by Chairman PTI Mr Imran Khan.

In a statement issued here on Wednesday, Imran Khan said on 18th August PTI had alleged that Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in the presence of Secretary ECP Mr Ishtiaq Khan said that only 180 million ballot papers were printed. On Nov 28 Mr Imran Khan exposed the fact that at least 5.3 million extra ballot papers were printed, the statement added.

The ECP on the same date stated in the press that ‘only 0.8 million extra ballot papers were printed’.  However in another retraction now the ECP says on Dec 1, that ‘9.3 million extra ballot papers were printed’.

It is surprising that a government institution on which the national exchequer spends billions of rupees is making major politically motivated efforts to cover-up its inconsistencies and illegalities.

As stated in the press conference on Nov 28 and hereby being reiterated, PTI has much more information which when published will punch holes in all ECP stories, but it will be presented in a duly constituted investigating commission under the Supreme Court with relevant terms of reference to look at all aspects of the rigging of 2013 elections.

Meanwhile Mr Imran Khan said that all relevant record lying in all the printing presses where the ballot papers were printed, and lying with the Election Commission of Pakistan (as ECP is a party to the rigging), may be retrieved and secured so the same is not tampered with.

Furthermore the constituency wise distribution of printing of extra ballot papers must be made public which according to our information to date ranges from only 69 in one constituency to 128,000 in another.

Mr Imran Khan has also demanded that the Election Commissioners should resign immediately to allow a free and fair investigation. DNA

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