Imran clarifies remarriage rumours

ISLAMABAD, Jan 01 (INP) Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, has clarified rumours that he has secretly tied the knot.

“In response to all the rumours about my marriage, I want to say that I have, in presence of my supporters, publically expressed my wish to remarry. However, marriage cannot be entered into lightly. Second marriages especially need to be considered carefully as children are involved,” he said in a statement issued to media.

He further said that “also, we are deeply saddened by tragic massacre of our children in Peshawar. We are all in a state of mourning at present. It is only respectful that we wait for an appropriate time.”

With the onset of New Year, reports are rife that 62-year-old Imran Khan’s has secretly tied the knot with a news anchor Reham Khan.

A UK-based newspaper has claimed that Khan has wedded to 41-year-old divorced mother-of-three who lives in Britain.

Imran Khan’s ex-wife, Jemima Khan, is also in news for ditching her surname “Khan” and reverting to her family name, saying that her ex-husband was about to remarry.


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