IIUI inks MoUs with Al-Imam University in IT & languages

ISLAMABAD (NNI): International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) Wednesday signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with the Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University Riyadh Saudi Arabia in the field of Information Technology and Languages respectively.

The first MoU was signed by President IIUI, Prof Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh on behalf of IIUI and Dr. Waleed Al-Jandal, Dean, Deanship of Information Technology. The MoU would pave the way to get progress and achieve excellence with cooperative endeavors in the field of Information Technology by sharing expertise and skills from both sides.

The second MoU which was inked by Dr. Al-Draiweesh and Dr. Abdullah bin Haziz Al-Sulmee Dean, Deanship of Affair of Institute of Abroad (DAIA) to cooperate in the field of languages specially Arabic for non Arabs. According the second MoU DAIA would also offer teaching faculty, scholarships, exchange of students and joint academic and research programs. These MoUs were specially guided and supported by Prof. Dr. Suliman Aba Al-Khail, Rector of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, who is also Pro Chancellor of IIUI. On the eve of signing ceremony of MoUs Dr. Suliman Aba Al-Khail highly praised and encouraged the step and also considered the signatures as a leading opportunity for both universities. He said these MoUs would prove key mile stone to achieve high destination and founding objectives of both the universities. “I am fully convinced that, IUII represents appreciable example for the joint orientated Islamic action, also on the way forward“. He added.

Dr. Aba al-Khail said IIUI has taken bold steps toward achieving its objectives and is on the way to progress in the dynamic leadership of Dr. Al-Draiweesh.

President IIUI Dr. Al-Draiweesh in his vote of thanks paid high gratitude to Dr. Suliman Aba Al-Khail on valuable contributions and special consideration for IIUI. ”Mutual cooperation and sharing experiences will lead both universities towards progress and development “. He maintained. President IIUI said Islamic University owns great leadership, talented faculty, renowned scholars and peaceful milieu for the students.

Commended the signature step, Dr. Waleed Al-Jandal considered it as a good opportunity for expansion of expertise in Information Technology. “Signed MoU would be benefiting for universities and it will be impacting on its deliverables to the marketplace”. He added.

Dr. Abdullah bin Haziz said that, the MoU would cement the academics cooperation between both universities including the exchange of faculty and students. It would also a base of sharing knowledge, resources, and jointly organizing conferences and symposiums.


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