IIRO to distribute meat among needy on Eidul Azha

ISLAMABAD: Non-governmental and welfare organization of Saudi Arabia, International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) will organize an event to celebrate the spirit of Eidul Azha by distributing the meat of sacrificial animals amongst poor families at its headquarters situated in H-8 sector.

According to details, like previous years this time too welfare organization has arranged to distribute meat of sacrificial animals to the needy people and contribute its part in the happiness of poor families. At the auspicious occasion Regional Director of IIRO Abdo Muhammad Atin and representative of embassy of Saudi Arabia and others would grace the event with their presence.

It is pertinent to mention here that IIRO always comes forward to help the needy people. In case of natural disasters like floods and earthquakes or any other natural calamity IIRO steps ahead to reach the affected people to provide relief to them. On this Eidul Azha IIRO has formed a comprehensive plan to supply the meat of sacrificial animals to the flood hit areas, so the affected people could also celebrate Eid. Distributing meat is one of the many projects of humanitarian aid of IIRO to the people of Pakistan.

IIRO also distributes Hajj meat as meat is transported and distributed among poor people in many countries of the world. It is also pertinent to mention here that almost one million animals including sheeps, cows and camels are slaughtered in Makkah in order to make completion of the Hajj successful. PR

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