IGP, DCO, RPO and SSP urged to order crackdown

Ammarpura, Kohat Bazar, Dhoke Khabba become heaven for drug dealers


ISLAMABAD:   The anti social activities continued unabated in various areas of Rawalpindi. The drug dealers are openly selling liquor, hashish, heroine without fearing of getting caught. The residents of Ammarpura, Kohati Bazar, and Dhoke Khubba are complaining for long against the illegal sale of drugs but the Waris Khan police remained unmoved. No action has been taken by the concerned police station against the dealers who not only selling drugs openly to the minor but also using it right in the middle of the streets of above-mentioned areas.

While talking to this scribe, the dwellers of Ammarpura lamented the criminal silence of the police officials and the CIA as well anti narcotics force personnel as despite lodging numerous complaints, not a single dealer has been caught so far. The elders of the area told that from street 72, 73 to 74 of the Ammarpur, one can easily witness a group of unruly dealers selling, using narcotics in the middle of these streets thus making almost impossible for their families particularly the kids and girls to go to schools, colleges or bazaar. They alleged that the drug dealers use threatening gesture, passed abusive remarks to their family members and if some one tries to stop them, they subject him to worst kind of physical torture.

Another resident of the area maintained that he called the concerned police station officials and even went to lodge complaints against these anti social elements but even then the “Muhrir Badshah” failed to take action against them. He said one can easily witness these pushers especially Friday, Saturday and Sunday standing in the above-mentioned streets or sitting on the stairs of furniture shops located in the middle of the streets. People from all age generally and the youth in particular park their vehicles alongside the Murree Road or come on motorbikes to buy drugs of their choice.

These anti social elements have turned their lives nothing less than a misery due to illegal activities which is also becoming a source of mental torture for them fearing that God forbid any of their loved one might join them and become addicted to the narcotics, Shahid Khan maintained. He said police officials do not bother to come inside the streets reasons best know to them but if some policeman enter in any of these streets, these guys hide the drugs under the furniture or in an empty plots.

They said the particular group of dealers is busy in selling, consuming drugs including liquor and other sort of drugs for a long period openly throughout the day but never get caught. The dwellers of Ammrpura have appealed IG Punjab, Deputy Commissioner, DIG, SSP Rawalpindi to order crackdown against these anti social elements and purge their streets from these particular group who had made them hostage in their own homes. They have also appealed to the concerned quarters to launch similar crackdown in Kohati bazaar and Dhoke Khubba where liquor is being sold in a house more than seven years round the clock.

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