If PTI doesn’t get justice by Nov 30, govt won’t be able to function : Imran Khan

PTINANKANA SAHIB : PTI Chairman Imran Khan has warned off the government that if the PTI does not get justice until November 30 then it would be difficult for the government to function.

He expressed these views while addressing the PTI supporters on Wednesday.

He said that the PM has misunderstood the meaning of ‘Go Nawaz Go’, adding,  Go Nawaz go  does not mean going to China, Germany and now London on extravagant tours.

The government was agreed upon five to six demnads of the PTI during talks. Khan said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) does not have the capability to run the country. He further said that Ishaq dar now says that our demands are illegal. He also said that the government is getting richer and the country alongwith its people are getting poorer.

He further said that inclusion of spy agencies in the Judicial Commission was part of the negotiations with the government.

Khan said that they know that the election was rigged but they are giving the government a chance to make amends to its wrongdoings.

He said that the PTI knows how government published lacs of ballots in the last two days of elections and that who controlled Returning Officers (RO). He said that they know the media houses who covered the PML-N’s rigging.

He said that Nawaz Sharif would have to resign and hold a re-election if rigging is proven.

PTI Chairman also accused Jang and Geo to have helped the government to cover up rigging in the elections.

Khan said that leaders of political parties agree that rigging happened but they do not urge the PM to resign. He accused that PPP also did rigging in Sindh. He said that if there was no rigging then why is the PM resisting counting and investigation of the General Elections 2013.

He said that the country is facing problems due to the government policies and that if no rigging was done then four constituencies should have been opened to investigation.

He further said that they have written proof of rigging by the government. Agencies

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