Identifying power of the common people

It has been more then three days that the joint session of the parliament began, it started off as a collaboration to save democracy. However, it turns out that parliament has become a place to settle personal differences. The open transmission of the joint sessions has indeed been an eye opening experience for the people of Pakistan. The credit goes to the common people who are protesting against the hardships they are facing for decades. Protestors who believe that the weather conditions are nothing compared to the tribulations that are being faced by the common people.

Currently, political scenario of Pakistan has been indeed very much happening. All the members of the parliament are giving heart touching speeches considering the situation at hand. The nation listening to every word of the joint sessions and apprehending the true agendas of their leaders is worth mentioning. It is time that a patriotic self motivated personality should be maintained by every member of the parliament. For more than three weeks protestors have been staying at D- Chowk to make Pakistan better. The politicians however, only have to make better decisions this time that seems the way to save Pakistan.


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