ICCI emphasizes for speeding up work on Metro Bus Project

ISLAMABAD: Metro Bus Project raises many questions due to slow pace of work and on lack of attention to address environmental issues, said Muzzamil Sabri, President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry while addressing a meeting at the Chamber.


The Metro Bus project lags behind given timeframe of its completion, creating great problems for the commuters and general public. The repair and maintenance work of roads is also of poor quality and need to be addressed, said President ICCI. He said that at a number of places in Islamabad, especially at 9th avenue, the newly constructed roads are bumpy and uneven, and also the melting work of roads at many places is pending.


To address the environmental aspect, as per reports 180 million rupees were allocated, whereas plantation work at Agha Shahi and other roads have still not been properly executed. To beautify Islamabad and to address environment issues, attention must be given for maximum plantation of trees and green plants, stressed Muzzamil Sabri.

He said that still many roads in Islamabad are closed owing to construction work on Metro Bus project due to which industrialists and traders are facing great problems in moving goods smoothly. He was of the view that contractors and sub-contractors are not following the safety and traffic diversion rules, and create problems for general public that travels in a large number from Rawalpindi to Islamabad daily. He pointed out that a big number of causalities have already occurred.

He said that businessmen, especially in the Blue area have suffered huge business losses due to Metro-Bus project and emphasized to expedite the work on it to give relief to traders of that area.

Muzzmail Sabri highly stressed that Metro Bus project Management must ensure good quality of road maintenance work and complete all pending work of roads, footpaths and bridges as early as possible for easy movement of traffic along with addressing environmental issues as per existing standards of the Federal Capital.

He said that Metro Buss Project Implantation and Monitoring Committee must seriously look into these vital issues and take urgent measures to speed up the pace of work for timely completion of this project so that business activities could normalize again and the inconvenience being faced by the citizens could come to an end. INP


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