I will even support Nawaz if his govt shows good performance: Musharraf

MusharrafSays there was need to make reforms before going to polls again

‘Pakistan’s future is dark if change doesn’t happen’

KARACHI: Former President and military ruler Pervez Musharraf stressed that there was need for a political change and that Pakistan was heading toward that direction.

Addressing his supporters to mark the foundation day of APML on Wednesday, Musharraf said that a third political force was needed to counter the two parties, which were taking turns for the last many years.

“I can see change coming in Pakistan. It is like writing on the wall,” he said.

Musharraf, 70, backed parties which were staging sit-ins in Islamabad, saying that they were telling the truth. “I am with any persons who talks about Pakistan. ‘,” he explained.

“Some people are talking about technocrat get, some about caretaker set up and others talk about national government,” he said, adding there was need to make reforms before going to elections again.

“In my opinion, Pakistan’s future is dark if change doesn’t happen,” he asserted.

“My ideology was of change. In 2013 elections, there was need for political change. A third political force was needed to give best governance and to put the country on the path of progress.”

“I had said that this change should have come through 2013 elections. When I came back, I realized that there were legal and security threats.” “I was banned from election for lifetime. We will take up this case and I hope that we will win.”

The former military strongman said that he was charged with treason.

“We need a party which could bring sustainable democracy and selected right people on merit.”Agencies

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