House starts debate on impeaching Donald Trump for ‘incitement of insurrection’ after GOP’s Liz Cheney says she will vote to impeach – and even Republicans who will vote against slam Trump as ‘reckless’

The House of Representatives started debating impeaching President Donald Trump for a second time – which would be a historic first – for inciting an insurrection just one week after the MAGA mob stormed Capitol Hill. 

Trump’s Republican allies did not defend Trump’s behavior, but instead pitched censuring the president or launching a 9/11-style commission, more fitting punishments they argued for someone who was already leaving office. 

Rep. Tom Cole, the first GOP lawmaker to speak, argued against a hasty impeachment vote ‘not because of the president’s inappropraite and reckless words are deserving of defense but because the presidency itself demands due process.’ 

Republicans also warned impeaching Trump for a second time would only make partisan hostilities worse.  

‘This is a reckless impeachment,’ complained Republican Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri. ‘This will only bring up the hate and fire more than ever before.’ 

Democrats described the terror of last week’s attack. 

‘We are debating this resolution at an actual crime scene and we wouldn’t be here if not for the president of the United States,’ said Rep. Jim McGovern, a Massachusetts Democrat. 

The Democrats also pointed to the Republicans’ high-profile defection: the No. 3 House Republican, Rep. Liz Cheney.       

Cheney, the Republican Conference Chair, laced into Trump in an explosive statement saying he ‘lit the flame’ of insurrection, saying: ‘There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.’

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