Hounds of influential landlord still blood-thirsty after tearing apart 3 children

LIAQATPUR: Hounds of an influential local landlord bit a woman yet again after claiming lives of her  three young children.

According to reports, hounds of a landlord bit a woman, identified as Sakina Bibi, for the second time in Liaqatpur district of Rahim Yar Khan. Five months earlier, dogs from the same owner had killed 3 of her children while injuring her as well.

The hounds killed 3 of my children, laments Sakina Bibi The hounds attacked Sakina Bibi as she was picking up bed in front of her house. Her husband arrived just in time to save her as she sustained injuries from the bites.

It is pertinent to mention here that during a Town Municipal Authority (TMA) campaign 5 months ago, stray dogs had been shot and killed, however the dogs were tied down at the farmhouse of the influential landlords.

Tabassum Shaheed Police Station has filed a case against landlords Sohail and Juma Khan and has arrested them as well.


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