Hospitals to set up dengue counters to tackle threat of virus

RAWALPINDI: Even after all the precautionary measurements and cold weather, Punjab Government has advised the hospitals of the district to set up dengue counters and dengue wards so that any untoward situation regarding the virus can be tackled in time.

Following the advice of the government, 3 hospitals of Rawalpindi have established dengue wards and counters whereas others have started preparations and arrangements to restore the wards and counters.

Instructions by the Punjab Government have been given to the health ministry to initiate sound plans in case the district has to deal with the dengue in summers.

The ministry in response vowed to minimize the threat of dengue this year and started the work on most vulnerable areas of district to restrain the reproduction of the dengue.

According to the sources in the ministry, it has targeted those areas where dengue reproduces in summers and has started work on the containment of its reproduction.

The government officials said that the government is very concerned regarding the issue of dengue virus and working to minimize its threat to the least. They urged people to maintain cleanliness in their atmospheres and take every possible safety measure against dengue. DNA

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