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Historic development

Hailing a “new era of peace”, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, sealed their talks on Friday with a joint declaration, and a bear hug, reaffirming their commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. The historic summit also agreed to push for three or four-way talks involving the US and China to replace the Korean armistice with a peace treaty.
In his first ever speech to the world, standing outside the Peace House on the demilitarised border zone, Kim Jong-un first thanked Mr Moon and the South Korean people for their warm welcome. Kim Jong-un said that it took a long time for the two Koreas to come together as people have waited long for this moment to happen. He said that after reaching to South Korea he found that people in both sides are similar and hence they can’t be separated. He was of the view that it is the beginning of new era of peace and people shall live in unity.
He was very optimistic regarding peaceful future and said that both countries would not repeat the past mistakes and will look forward for everlasting peace and prosperity. Kim expressed hope that one day South and North Korean citizens would be able to use the same road that he had to reach the summit.
President Moon praised the “precious agreement and declared a “new era of peace”, pledging “there will be no more war on the Korean peninsula.” Both leaders have pledged that any form of force will not be used against each other and agreement will be implanted in true letter and spirit. The South and the North have also agreed to “gradually realise arms reduction when their military tension is removed and trust is practically established.” Moon is all set to pay Kim the compliment with a visit of his own in the autumn.
Back door diplomacy has played key role in bringing two leaders together and in displaying a breakthrough in the politics of the region. It is time high time that both India and Pakistan should also put aside their differences and give a chance to diplomacy to find peace in the region. India must give a positive response to Pakistan’s offer of talks and negotiations to find solution of the bilateral issues.

Kim Jong-un historic visit of South Korea, peace talks and pledge for future cooperation is extremely encouraging development.

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