Height of negligence

Two shocking news surfaced which reflected the height of negligence as scores of children of two schools in different cities were admitted in hospitals after spray used to prevent spread of dengue virus proved dangerous.

First incident took place in Government Girls High School Jand Attock where 50 students fainted during the fumigation process which was taking place while the school was in session. Second incident occurred in Jehlum, Domaili Girls High School and number of school girls who fell unconscious after an anti-dengue fumigation campaign being carried out at their school has risen to over 70. After both the incidents students were taken to the hospitals where their condition was reported stable after treatment.

After the incidents inquiry teams were formed and it was reported that fumigation was carried out during recess time; however, the intensity of the spray was so severe that students started suffocating. After the Attock school incidents same must not have been repeated in Jehlum. Punjab Provincial Minister said that fumigation campaign was carried out a day earlier in Jehlum’s school but impact of spray was so intense that students felt it a day latter. Several of the girls had to be readmitted to the hospital the next day as they complained of difficulty breathing.

Excuses given by the administrations to save their skin proved lame and latter it was proved that substandard dengue spray was used at the schools. If the heads of the schools could have prevailed sense, anti-dengue spray and fumigation process could have taken place after the school timings.

Prior to fumigation campaign samples of anti-dengue spray should have been analysed from laboratory. Had the proper safety measures were taken before fumigation, sad incidents could have been prevented. Matter is of very serious nature and strict actions should be taken against the culprits responsible for the incidents.
Had the proper safety measures were taken before fumigation, sad incidents could have been prevented.

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