Heavy rain, hailstorm damage maize and rice crops in Lower Dir

LOWER DIR, Oct 9 (INP) Heavy rain and hailstorm damaged standing maize and rice crops in various areas of Lower Dir district while the water level rose in the streams which washed away two cars and damaged roads in the area.

The intermittent rain continued in the area the whole day while hailstorm started in the afternoon in various areas included Ckhadara, Badwan Khadagzi, Och, Usaki, Kotigran, Tazagram and other areas damaging standing crops and roads. A house also caved-in due to heavy rain but fortunately no human loss was reported in it.

Water overflowed the roads amidst rain which damaged them while the drainage system completely chocked owing to rain water. Locals said that no governmental or other organization came to their relief in the rain and hailstorm affected areas in the district.


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