Hashmi will lead Azadi March: PTI

Long march to proceed as per schedule: Imran

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said that he would go ahead with his plan to march on Islamabad.

In its verdict, the LHC ruled that “PTI and PAT are meanwhile restrained from launching Azadi March, Inqalab March or hold dharna at Islamabad in any unconstitutional way keeping in view the sanctity of Independence Day and the current chaotic and uncertain situation prevailing in the country.

Reacting to Lahore High Court’s decision, Khan said that his party would launch the march which was constitutional and democratic.

“Under which law, 300 PTI workers have been detained by the government,” he asked. “We have neither done anything unconstitutional,” he stated.

Khan said that PTI would present its demands within the framework of law and constitution

Meanwhile, PTI Wednesday managed to win back the support of disgruntled party’s leader Javed Hashmi.

According to a press statement, PTI said that Javed Hashmi would lead the Independence March.“Imran Khan spoke to Javed Hashmi in details and it was decided that Hashmi would lead the march,” it said.

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