Hashmi wants Imran to sort cricket mess

Senior politician and ex-Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi on Wednesday asked Imran Khan to take over the cricketing affairs and sort the mess out. Hashmi was talking to the media in his hometown of Multan. He further said that Imran Khan is the only person in the country capable of fixing the problems in Pakistan Cricket.

Hashmi also criticized Chief Selector Moin Khan for visiting a Casino while on tour with the team. He added that there was no need to indulge in such things when the team is performing so poorly on the pitch. Hashmi also said that Najam Sethi should stay away from Pakistan Cricket.

Moin Khan issued an apology to the nation for visiting a casino in Australia. However he maintained that he went there just to have dinner and had no wrong intentions. Moin was recalled by Chairman Shahryar Khan after stirring up a controversy by visiting a casino shortly before Pakistan’s defeat to West Indies.

Today’s Fixtures:

Afghanistan v Scotland at Dunedin
17th Match, Pool A
02:30 AM PST

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