Hanging of condemned terrorists will send a loud message to terrorists and their perpetrators: Nayyer Bokhar

PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD, Dec 18 (INP): Chairman Senate Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari has said the nation is relieved at the decision to lift moratorium

on death penalty and hoped that all condemned terrorists, whether good or bad, will be hanged. This will send a stern message to the terrorist outfits and their perpetrators and will automatically raise the price of killing innocent citizens in Pakistan.

In a statement during his visit to Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar, the Senate Chairman urged the Prime Minister to take the nation into confidence and announce the direction the government is going to take against the terrorists.

Nayyer Bokhari enquired about the treatment of the children who got injured in the Army Public School attack.

Later, Speaker of the Turkish Parliament Cimil Cicik also phoned Chairman Senate and expressed grief and sorrow over the tragic incident.

He said the Peshawar incident has once again united the nation after the 2005 earthquake and there is a clear mandate for the armed forces to flush out the terrorist. And while the army is already in the middle of carrying out an operation in FATA, the government will have to show its strong resolve to streamline the judicial support, he said.

He observed that time has come to show political maturity and take hard decisions in the best national interest to defeat the evil designs of those who are threatening the national security and integrity of the country.

Talking about operation Zarb-e-Azb, said the Peshawar attack on Army Public school should not be allowed lower the morale of our soldiers which was terrorists’ main objective.

He said our commitment to root out the menace of terrorism remains unshaken. He assured the parents that culprits of this barbaric act would not be spared and they would be given exemplary punishment. He, however, called upon all segments of the society to stand united and collectively bring this barbarism to an end. He said this is a deciding moment for the nation and it is high time that the Prime Minister took the nation into confidence.


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