Handling calamity and character assassination

Islamabad police on Wednesday requested the acting Chief Commissioner to form a joint investigation team to probe murder case against the eleven accused including PM, CM Punjab and others. Though nominating a person in case who is holding public does not affect his legal status but if convicted then the person can not hold any public office as per the law of land. This was the second case against the rulers as another case with regard to Model Town tragedy had already been registered against them. Thus turning the political situation more complex than even. The police force has been under great pressure and they are totally confused when it comes to handle the enraged protestors who have started beating up the policemen. The section 144 remained in force and it has pitched the protestors against the policemen.

The political standoff has badly affected the normal life of the common man as they are finding themselves caught in the middle of conflict with no end to the crisis. Citizens are living in a state of fear. Digging graves, trenches by the protesting parties’ activists and presence of thousands policemen, FC and other law enforcement agencies personnel have created panic among the people. Some quarters are spreading all sorts of rumours in a bid to create disappointment, uncertainty among the public that incumbent government is considering use of force against the PAT and PTI’s leaders and activists to end sit-ins. While anti democratic forces are launching well calculated campaign by saying that if the situation remain unresolved, the third force would step in. Pakistan army has already made it clear to all and sundry that it has no role in the crisis and politicians must resolve the issues by themselves peacefully. The timely response by the army had given much needed strength to the democratic forces who are trying on their level best to defuse the tension and bring all the stakeholders on the table to resolve the issues in a democratic way.

The protesting parties’ leaders are leveling allegations against the rulers, some of them are of very serious nature and government must respond it without wasting any time otherwise it might damage the credibility of the PL-N. The politicos of character assassination must be discouraged as there is no room in civilized society for such politics. New developments are taking place on the political arena amidst the deadlock continued between the government and PTI, PAT. The government which held nearly 13 rounds of dialogue with the leaders of protesting parties bored no results as PTI and PAT are not ready to end the sit-ins until the resignation of the PM but government team clearly told both the parties that they are ready to accept all the six demands of PTI but would not accept the demand of PM’s resignation at any cost thus ending the dialogue process.

First it were the terrorists, extremists who caused huge loss to the national economy and claimed the lives of thousands innocent men and law enforcement agencies personnel. Since the launch of operation Zarb Azab millions of people have left their home due to terrorism. The armed forces are achieving the targets successfully. So far hundreds of terrorists have been killed while 80 percent areas of North Waziristan have been cleared. Now it is the flood which is taking its toll on country’s economy. So far near 20 lac people have been rendered homeless due to the floods, while over thousand have died by drowning and flood-related incidents. The floods have badly affected normal life.

Flood continues playing havoc across the Punjab and Sindh provinces, People are in dire need of help as they have lost each and everything in the flood and are forced to live in make-shift tents. Pak army, Navy and other rescue teams are making all out efforts to provide relief to the calamity-hit people. Government doing on its level best to assist the affectees but it is definitely an uphill task. The protesting parties must assist the government for the relief and rehabilitation of the affectees as the floods have caused huge damages to the lives and property as well economy of the country which government can not handle it by itself.

The government no doubt has shown flexibility but still it needs to do more to convince the protesting parties that their genuine demands would be addressed. Prime Minister must continue efforts to find peaceful solution the political crisis and should bar his ministers from making situation worst by making inflammatory speeches. In the same time the protesting parties should also demonstrate the same spirit and not create obstacles in the country’s development as the entire nation wants improvement in their lives. It is the duty of every politician to work for the supremacy of law and abide by the constitution for the sake of country’s integrity.



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