Guarding polio workers

Seven police officials guarding polio workers were killed in two separate attacks in Orangi Town Karachi on Wednesday afternoon by unidentified gunmen riding four motorcycles. The awful attack on the security personnel who put their lives on line to carry out a simple public service has reiterated concerns about the security situation in the country. There were claims by the government that after the ongoing operation in Karachi, back of terrorists has been broken. But it seems that may be back of terrorist has been broken but they are still targeting with free will. They way CCTV showed the calmness of gunmen while targeting policemen; it seems that a lot more needs to be done to eliminate terrorists from our land.

The nature of attacks shows that the militants have once again assailed the police personnel in retaliation for the ongoing war against terrorism. It also shows that the extremists’ movement against polio vaccinations has still not been thwarted. This is not the first time that polio campaign was stopped after several health workers and policemen were killed in the line of duty. State should use all available resources for the security of polio workers who are performing their duties despite great danger. The tragic incident also stirs few questions that how police would provide protection to people if they cannot even protect themselves.

There is no doubt left that anti-state elements are fully involved in such heinous acts and they would not allow Pakistan to become a polio-free state. It is high time that there is a proactive response against all such evil-minded forces.

The concerned authorities need to come up with a proper security plan before launching anti-polio drive.


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