Govt’s strategy to resolve political crisis unclear: Malik

malikKARACHI: Former Interior Minister and Pakistan Peoples Party leader Rehman Malik has warned that the deadlock between the government and PTI and PAT is moving towards confrontation. He said the onus lies on the government to manage and resolve the political impasse.

Speaking to media representatives in Karachi on Friday, the PPP leader said the army has given a clear signal to Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri and that it was now up to them to manage the situation.

Malik said if we fail to resolve the current political impasse, the situation can get worse.

He said both parties should focus on a resolution through talks, adding that it was up to the sagacity of the prime minister that the issue is resolved in an amicable manner.

Rehman Malik said their leadership has advised them to adopt a neutral stance in the political situation. He said there should be no comparison of former President Asif Ali Zardari in politics and he would play his role when the time comes.

Former Interior Minister said the PPP is stressing a solution of the situation by remaining within the construction. He prayed that time should not come when Prime Minister is forced to resign pointing out that the PPP has always sided with democratic forces and its leaders and workers have given unparallel sacrifices for this purpose.

In reply to a question,Rehman Malik said that there had been long marches in the history of Pakistan and emphasized that patience is key to deal with political issues.INP

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