Govt school teacher kidnapped; police not lodging complaint

August 28, 2017

Our correspondent

GUJRANWALA: Influential people with the backing of local politicians have abducted a 17-grade Government School teacher in Gujranwala but police is not lodging complaint. According to details, Mukhtar Ali, teacher in a Government High School Babbar Tehsil Noshehra Virkan District Gujranwala was on his way to home when he was kidnapped. Family of the teacher later received a phone call from abductors who put forward some conditions for the release of teachers. Son of the teacher and other family members rushed to local police station to lodge complaint and to bring the matter in the knowledge of police, but police refused to register any complaint, more likely due to political and social influence of abductors.
Family of abducted teacher then filed a petition in court, lawyer Sardar Ahsan Raza told the scribe that it is a matter of love marriage, he said that son of abducted teacher married with a girl almost one year before. Family of the girl was not pleased with this development and were trying to take revenge some way or the other. They kept threatening to the married couple and said that they will take any action in a bid to take back their girl. Lawyer said that married couple had a new born baby and living happily but family of the girl keep using unlawful tactics to break the relationship.
Nadir, Son of the abducted teacher said that they have recorded telephone of the abductors in which it is quite clear that they have abducted his father. He said that they are asking for the return of their daughter with divorce papers if he wants to see his father again. He said that he is living with his wife happily and does not want to leave her but family of his wife has taken law into in hands by abducting his father.
He said that now the matter is in the court and hopefully justice will prevail. But the political and social influence on police is a matter of great concern and high-ups of police must take action against the act of police becoming almost a party in this particular case.