Govt response to PTI’s proposal and role of electronic media

The political arena representing a total chaotic scenario now a day as there seems no end to political differences between the incumbent government and the PTI. Imran Khan, chief of PTI in a rally in RY Khan demonstrated much-needed flexibility by proposing formation of judicial commission and inclusion of ISI, MI representatives to probe into alleged vote fraud in 2013 general polls. He surprisingly allowed the PM Nawaz Sharif to continue his duties until the completion of probe into vote fraud. He also warned the government to take his proposals seriously otherwise PTI would make it very hard for the PM to run the affairs. In response, the government rejected his proposals. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar flanked by Federal Ministers, Pervaiz Rashid, Zahid Hamid Monday during a press conference rejected Imran Khan’s proposals claiming there is no concept of ISI or MI representatives’ inclusion in judicial commission as it is the judges who have to decide the matter. They also questioned either Khan wants judicial commission or Joint Interrogation Team to investigate the rigging. It is obvious that judicial commissions are formed to probe into such matter of national importance but it is also true that the concerned judge or judges orders police, FIA to investigate the matter. According to PTI’s official, proposing inclusion of ISI and MI representatives in the judicial commission, Imran meant if commission orders investigations, the ISI and MI officials must be involved in the process. Imran Khan also requested ex CJP Justice Tassaduq Gillani not to be run for Chief Election Commissioner Post. He said he holds him and the judiciary in high esteem but feels sorry to say the judiciary is not impartial.

Now clash between the government and the PTI seems inevitable after refusing the proposals of Imran Khan. Former CJP Rana Bhagwandas was likely to be made CEC but he refused the offer saying government did not contact him on the very issue. Now there are reports that ex CJP Justice Tassaduq Gillani have also refused to lead the Election Commission. Thus making it an uphill task for the incumbent government as well other parliamentary parties especially the PPP and JUI to develop consensus on the appointment of CEC. Opposition leader in National Assembly has left abroad and PM Nawaz Sharif is also on two-day official visit to Germany. The absence of both leaders has made it very difficult for the incumbent government to appoint the CEC by November 13 as ordered by the Supreme Court. The political impasse continued unabated. It is sad to note most of electronic media failed to play due role in cooling down the much-heated political arena. Most of talk shows are still airing and it appeared that PRMRA has lost its authority to ensure implementation of code of ethics by the electronic media. The hosts of talk shows are morally bound to remain neutral and not touch any issue that may damage country’s image in the eyes of the world. Not all but most of the electronic media anchorpersons are either openly promoting/ demoting the interests of ‘particular quarter’. Hosting talk shows almost everyday on ongoing political confrontation has deviated the incumbent government as well other political, religious parties as well civil society’s attention from easing the public sufferings.

Tharparkar issue is being ignored deliberately or else by the politicians and other segment of societies. Two more kids lost their lives in famine hit Tharparker brining death toll to 22 in the last twenty one .Over 431 kids are among over 1000 people who died of malnutrition in past nine months what to say about yesteryears. Despite numerous promises, setting up of teams to look into the affairs, the people of the area have been left at the mercy of provincial as well federal governments as despite making tall claims nothing significant has been witnessed on the ground and the condition of the dwellers have been worsened with each passing day. Japan donated Sindh government two health mobile units to meet the challenges. But “ THIEVES” not only stole every life saving equipments but also took the tires of those vehicles thus leaving the drought-hit patients to die before even getting the treatment.

PPP and other major political parties can also be blamed for ignoring the plight of the thousands children, people of Tharparkar. The country has suffered a lot due to bad governance, letting the corrupt practicee go scot free and due to political confrontation. We have been divided into groups. The ‘seasonal politicians’ have deprived the masses of their basic rights. They have failed to promote harmony, patience and unity among masses’ ranks. Instead of calling Pakistanis, most of the people due to lack of political awareness preferred to call them Baluchi, Sindhis, Muhajirs etc. The prevailing circumstances demand revival of patriotism among the masses and one should be proud to call him Pakistani first and keep national interest supreme instead of following their leaders’ agenda.

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