Two committees formed for talks with PTI, PAT: Nisar

‘Give up the policy of “ might is right”

Salman Tanvir

ISLAMABAD: Gone are the days when “Might Is Right” tactics used to be applied, this was the message conveyed to the both protesting parties’ leadership by the Federal Minister for Interior Ch Nisar Ali Khan. Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Ch Nisar told media men that the government could have stopped these parties from protesting in the light of the courts orders, but the government not only allowed them to continue protests but also provided foolproof security to avert any untoward incidents.

He said that Imran Khan several time used his name in the speeches but he would not like to even answer or criticize later. Citing an example “As you sow, so shall you reap”, the interior minister maintained that one can not remove the government by holding marches and only parliament is suitable place to resolve issues.

He went on saying that civil disobedience call is adopted in case of a foreign occupation in a country and such a move is made against the state and not the government. Nisar alleged that PTI chief was taking the revenge from government for not being able to gather one million people as the latter had claimed.   He announced that government has decided to form two separate negotiation committees to hold talks with PAT and PTI.  He went on saying that it will not be government’s committees, as each member of the committee will represent his own party. The committees will start functioning from Monday, he added.  He said the political battle should and will continue, adding that one with greater strength wins is no longer a way to move forward in today’s world.

He questioned Imran Khan what would be your response if you elected to power and opposition parties opt for launching civil disobedience. This is wrong trend and must be discouraged. There would not be ‘ give and take’ as the committee would decide the matter as per the constitution and law of the land. Interior Minister maintained. He requested both the parties to think about the elderly people, women and kids and instead of deciding difference on the streets, they should jon the negotiation process and put forward their demands which will be duly considered.


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