Govt allows PTI to hold ‘Azadi March’: Nisar

ISLAMABAD: Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has announced that the government has decided to allow PTI and PAT to hold long marches.

Talking to a press conference Wednesday in Islamabad, Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that the government did not want to block any political activity. He said that if any party wanted to stage any sort of political activity in any part of the country, all it needed to do was to submit an application to the administration of the relevant district.

Talking about the demands made by PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Interior Minister said that Pakistan has one of the most vigilant media in the developing world and an active judiciary; therefore, Pakistan’s fate did not need to be decided on roads. He said that no political party would be allowed to do violence in the country.

Criticizing Imran Khan, he said that Imran had repeatedly said that if 3-member bench of Supreme Court gets constituted, it will be acceptable to PTI but when PM offered the same to him, Imran backtracked from his earlier assurances. Discussing the pre-election situation, Nisar said that suggestion about CEC was given to him by Imran Khan himself. Agencies

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