Government working to bring green revolution: Mushahidullah Khan

ISLAMABAD: No nation could achieve sustainable development without ensuring healthy environment and government was working on many initiatives to bring green revolution in the country, observed Mushahidullah Khan, Federal Minister for Climate Change while inaugurating tree plantation campaign at I-10 Industrial Area, Islamabad.

He said trees were symbol of life and environment pollution could be significantly reduced by planting maximum saplings. He said trees and forests were in fact the oxygen producing factories and every one of us should play positive role in promoting tree plantation so that the country could better cope with the issues of rising carbon dioxide.

He said our streets, parks, playgrounds, backyards and other places should be lined with tree to ensure clean and healthy environment in the country. He said government was fully cognizant of the climate change issues and was taking many measures to develop people friendly environment in all parts of the country. It was informed that CDA would plant 15000 trees in   I-9 and I-10 Industrial Areas in Islamabad.

In his welcome address, Muzzamil Hussain Sabri, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that government has taken a positive step by inaugurating tree plantation campaign from Industrial Areas in Islamabad which shows its resolve to create healthy environment for industry. He said each and every citizen at individual and collective levels should take part in this noble cause so that our country could become clean and environmental friendly.

He said according to international standards, 25 percent of populated land of a country should be covered by forests, but only 5 percent populated land in Pakistan was under forest and this situation called for enhanced efforts to promote tree plantation in the country.

He said Metro Bus authorities should ensure restoration of greenery at areas affected by metro bus project. He said all muddy and dust covered areas in Islamabad should be covered with trees and grass so that the Federal Capital could be developed as a model city in terms of healthy environment. He assured that business community would extend all possible cooperation to government’s efforts aimed at bringing green revolution in the country.


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