God has blessed our country with countless blessings: IG NH&MP

‘Nation is united under one flag, will fight alongside army to end Indian aggression’

FAISALABAD (PR): The future of Pakistan is even brighter than our expectations. The whole nation is united under one flag and will fight alongside army to end the Indian aggression, if needed Hindu extremists will bend down their knees.

These views were expressed by Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police, Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema while addressing large number of students and faculty members at University of Agriculture Faisalabad.  The Inspector General told the students “that countries like Germany and Japan have been facing issues of fragile economy and terrorism but they successfully dealt these challenges with maturity and courage and they again became leading nations of the world with their resolve and determination”.

The IG said God has blessed our country with countless blessings. We have a huge reservoir of human resource – of which most of the countries deprived of”. He further told that “Pakistan is blessed with beautiful planes, beautiful four weathers and fertile land that can fed even whole Asia. Our doctors and engineers have established their brilliance in Europe and America. Our army is the sixth most powerful in the world”. We would have to overcome corruption, dishonesty, uncertainty and inferiority complex, he added. The Inspector General said that knowledge and justice were the legacy of our elders but now we are learning form others. He said young generation should prove themselves through their character. He advised the students “if you remain affirmed with the honesty and purity of will, you can achieve the hardest task you look for’’. IG Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema said that corruption demolished our departments, he advised the students to hate corruption, love the motherland and felt proud on their own culture and values. Before the address of IG NH&MP, the Vice Chancellor UAF Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan welcomed and thanked the distinguished guest and presented him shield. Vice Chancellor Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan, DIG Bahir Ahmad Memon, DIG Ehsan Tufail and DIG Fakhar Sultan were also present at the  occasion.

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