“Go Nawaz Go” jolts Miawali

Imran MiawaliImran vows to create new Pakistan where rulers, poor will stand together

Challenges PM together 20% of Mianwali crowd and he would concede that there was no rigging

MIANWALI: Imran Khan has vowed to make a new Pakistan where the poor will feel that the government was standing with them, bring best local government system to resolve local issues and the Parliamentarians would not be allocated development funds.

Addressing a big public meeting in his home town Mianwali here on Thursday, Imran Khan said under the present system poor people have to run after MNAs, MPAs, Police Stations and Patwaris but the new local government system will empower them to settle the disputes at the local level and carry out development schemes. He said the MNAs and MAs would only be responsible for legislation work and not to carry out development schemes.

The PTI chief thanked the people of Mianwali and particularly the women who have come out of their homes for the first time and said this means that revolution has reached every home.

Praising the large number of people attending the meeting, Imran Khan challenged the Prime Minister together even 20% of this crowd in a meeting and he would concede that there was no rigging in the elections.

He vowed not to end his sit-in in Islamabad until the Prime Minister resigns. He said the PML-N has won the elections through rigging and told the people that their “Captain” has caught Nawaz Sharif while cheating and will not leave him.

Imran Khan said he will get Pakistan free as he had never surrendered in the past and will not allow the people to surrender to rigging now. He asked the Prime Minister not to resign in haste.

Imran said he had never seen such a big gathering in Mianwali before this, adding that PTI was holding this massive rally on three-day notice.

He apologized people of Mianwali, saying he did not pay attention to them as he was fighting war against oppressors. He added that PTI will introduce a system where oppressed people get justice without any difficulty.

Khan said the nation has decided to make ‘Naya Pakistan’ and set a side the old one where people pay in the form of taxes and the rulers enjoy on this money.

He said majority of people in Mianwali are farmers but they are not getting due return of their produce. He assured them that on coming to power, he will extend them all the facilities that are being enjoyed by farmers in India.

Imran said he was happy that the entire nation has awakened and now no hurdle can come in its way for making a new Pakistan.

Referring to violence in Wazirabad, on Wednesday, Imran said who ever will thrash the people who chant “Go Nawaz Go” will be violating the law of the land because it is not monarchy in Pakistan. He said if any Gullu Butt will commit the crime he will be sent to jail.

Responding to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Imran said saying ‘go Nawaz go’ is a democratic right.

The PTI Chief said an international standard university will be established in Mianwali where students from abroad, Pakistan and Mianwali will get quality education.  He said he is thankful to the people of Mianwali who voted for him and he entered the assembly for the first time.NNI

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