‘Go Nawaz Go’ haunting PML-N for not living up to masses expecations

Go Nawa Go is haunting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as well his party leaders now a day. The protesting parties’ leadership had advised their activists, supporters as well general public to raise slogans in any domestic or international forum being attended by the ruling party members. The move has added fuel to fire as the already frustrated by the sit-ins continued by the PTI and PAT for the 47 consecutive days. The first victim of Go Nawaz Go slogans was the Joint Secretary of the Pakistan Medical Association, Dr. Sohail, who was subjected to physical torture for chanting anti-government slogans in a ceremony held in Lahore. Then the overseas Pakistanis staging protest and chanting the same slogans outside UN headquarters in New York during PM Nawaz Sharif address to the General Assembly General Assembly. Later from school going children, lawyers and flood victims followed the same course. On Wednesday, he went to Wazirabad to meet flood victims. He also assured the affectees for every possible support to rehabilitate them. But the flood victims started raising Go Nawaz Go slogans complaining that they haven’t been given any financial or other assistance which was promised by the government

The political uncertainty continued creating panic among the general public due to the ongoing confrontation between the government and the protesting parties. The dialogue process has come to halt as none of the stakeholders ready to resume dialogue any further. The protesting parties have refused to meet with the government team while the political jirga trying on its level best to convince the PTI and PAT to end the deadlock. PPP has apparently changed its stance and watching the entire episode carefully. From Asif Zardari, Bilwal Bhttoo Zardari, Khursheed Shah, Kaira to Eitizaz Ehsan , Raza Rabbani and Yousaf Raza Gilani are changing their stance. They fully backed the PM during the joint session and assured him that PPP would continue supporting the incumbent government besides asking PM not to resign under any circumstances. Some of the heads of parliamentary even went extra miles by terming the participants of sit-ins as ‘ghusbethiay’, termed their demands totally undemocratic and unconstitutional and asked the PM to take stern action against the protesting parties who according to him have besieged the parliament and entire capital by occupying the venue.

Now all those parliamentary parties are not openly supporting the PML-n government and most of the parties have opted wait and see policy. The voice strongly raised by the PTI chief, Imran Khan against the alleged rigging is now being duly considered by these parties’ leaders who remained ignorant to the PTI’s demand of counting of votes in the four constituencies. The incumbent government used various tactics to delay the process on one or the other pretext. But since the serious revelations or rigging made by the former official of the election commission, Afzal Khan confirming the rigging stance of Imrn Khan, the ruling party had to face severe criticism by those parliamentary parties who stood shoulder to shoulder with the PM Nawaz Sharif. Now from former president Asif Ali Zardri to JI Ameer, Sirajul Haq is urging the incumbent government to pay serious attention to the very issue and resolve it without any delay. The government has announced formation of judicial commission to prove in to the alleged rigging in 2013 polls but of no use as the protesting parties are not ready to accept the legal status of the rulers arguing that present government came into power through fake ‘heavy mandate’.

The incumbent government stands on weak ground as both the protesting parties by successfully launching drive against the incumbent government, had developed consensus among various segments of the society over the alleged rigging. PAT chief is still seeking arrest of the PM, CM and the ministers for their alleged involvement in the Model Town tragedy, dissolution of assemblies, formation of national government for two years, introducing electoral reforms and across the board accountability. While the PTI Chief has repeatedly made it clear to all and sundry that his party did not want to derail the democracy but working to strengthen the system by purging the black sheep out from the election commission and introduction of electoral reforms. The government instead of taking in to account the demands of the protesting parties, tried to use force to move them from the venue that again turned the situation from bad to worst. Now PTI chief remained successful in creating awareness among the masses about their democratic as well constitutional rights and definitely matured the masses especially those who do not have access to educate themselves or their loved ones. ‘Go Nawaz GO” is not an anti-government slogan but it gave the people right to express their sentiments against the incumbent government to remind it any wrongdoing on the part of its leaders or bureaucracy.







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