Ghinwa Bhutto rules out alliance with PPP

NNI11-14LAHORE, Jan 11 (INP): Chairperson of Peoples Party (Shaheed Bhutto) Ghinwa Bhutto has ruled out any alliance with what she called as Zardari League.

Talking to newsmen after inauguration of her party office here on Sunday, Ghinwa Bhutto said that Zardari League has nothing to do with People’s Party.

She said terrorism would not end with the establishment of military courts and hanging of terrorists. She said not only Taliban but their supporters are also terrorists who should be punished.

She said that the countries that support terrorists groups like Daesh area considered as friends by our rulers.

Ghinwa Bhutto said that the incumbent government and the Parliament is not of poor but of elite class and people should not expect anything from them.



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