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Getting inspiration from history

Great nations always remember its heroes and get inspiration from the history. Today nation is all set to celebrate Pakistan’s Defense Day, with national patriotism and enthusiasm with a renewed pledge to defend the motherland against all threats. With traditional zeal and fervor Pakistanis commemorate the sacrifices of those who laid their lives defending the motherland against Indian aggression. The day starts with special prayers in mosques for the progress and prosperity of the nation. Wreaths are laid on the mausoleum of the martyrs to honor them. Tributes are paid to the martyrs of the war and their sacrifices for motherland with airing of national anthem by all broadcasting networks. The civil society actively takes part in the programs to highlight strong pledge of nation and armed forces to protect Pakistan. Numerous functions are held all across the country to mark the day. Main function of the day is held at General Headquarters in Rawalpindi to pay tributes to martyrs. Radio Pakistan also broadcasts special programs to mark the day. A full-dressed rehearsal is also arranged on this day. Exhibition of army officials’ equipments for air defense, armor and artillery Corps, engineering instruments and many others is arranged. Al-Khalid and Al-Zarrar tanks, Ababeel and Shahbaz Drones, arms and radar system used by armed forces are also displayed in the exhibition. On 6th September 1965, Pakistan’s valiant armed forces and the entire nation stood united to foil the nefarious designs of the enemy who had dared cast an evil eye on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. Empowered with commitment and audacity, Pakistanis tackled Indian attacks effectively, making them realize that fighting with Pakistan is not a piece of cake. Pakistan Armed Forces have sound history of velour, gallantry and professional excellence in defense of motherland. The day is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifices of Pakistan armed forces and of the civilians. Pakistan air and naval force, with its utmost brilliance, played a pivotal role in defending Pakistan’s air space and waters at the time of war. Pakistan emerged from the 1965 war with India as a strong and self-confident nation, proud of itself and its armed forces. September 6 is marked as a day of thanksgiving. Let’s pray Allah give us the strength, courage and determination to protect and safeguard the freedom and honor of our homeland. We all pray for the safety and solidarity of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s valiant armed forces and entire nation stand united to foil the nefarious designs of enemy.

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