Germany’s first winter snows bring to an end record mild weather

Berlin (DPA): Germany’s unseasonably mild November weather came to an end as a cold snap spread across the nation over the last 24 hours leading to the first winter snowfalls in large parts of the country.

The icy conditions lead to motor accidents across the nation, resulting in lengthy tailbacks on several highways.

Germany has experienced the warmest spell of November since the start of the records in 1881 with parts of the nation feeling more like spring than the start of winter as temperatures climbed to above 20 degrees.

The weather service expects the current cold conditions to continue for the next few days with between two and five centimetres of fresh snow likely in altitudes between 300 to 400 meters. In some regions the amount of new show could even reach ten centimetres.

But the weather service is not expecting the chilly conditions to remain for long with warm air from the Atlantic driving temperatures higher later in the week.

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