Geelani urges Pakistan to play role of facilitator for ending ME differences

ISLAMABAD: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani has expressed anguish over the situation in Iraq, Syria, Libya and now inYemen, terming it as unfortunate for the Muslims.

“A deep rooted conspiracy of anti-Islam forces is behind the situation in Muslim world and all these policies are formulated in Washington DC and Tel Aviv.Pakistan government, instead of becoming the part of this unholy war, should play role of a facilitator to eliminate the differences among Muslim countries and also try to convey to Saudi government that this civil war is in no way good for Muslim Ummah. If it is not stopped, it will bring all the Muslim countries under the mercy of America,” Geelani, in a statement.

“A formal process has been started to widen the gap between different schools of thought in Islam and services of some Muslim rulers and scholars have been bought to serve the purpose,” he added.

“On the one hand, America is helping Iran and Iraq governments against theISIS and, on the other, the same country is providing arms and weapons to theISIS. This country wants Muslims to use their energy and power against each other so that it can rule whole of the Muslim world.”

Geelani said, “Yemen is facing the same situation and it demands an important role of big Muslim countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia to neutralize the wicked designs of America and Israel.”

“America is the friend of neither Shias nor Sunnis. It continues to change partners as per its strategy. Saudi Arabia and Iran are very important entities of Muslim world. They must work for eliminating differences among Muslim countries,” Geelani said. NNI

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