Gas pipeline explosion suspends gas supply to Uch power plant; power short fall reaches 4500MW

DERA MURAD JAMALI, Jan 23 (INP): Eighteen inch gas pipeline was destroyed after a bomb explosion in Dera Murad Jamali early Friday morning resulting in the suspension of gas to the Uch power plant.

The pipeline supplies gas to the Uch power plant from Sui which has now been suspended. The suspension of gas to two units of Uch power plant has brought down the generation of electricity by 800 MW.

According to police more than a foot of the gas pipeline was effected due to the explosion. Police have cordoned the area and begun investigations.

Repair teams of SSGCL reached the spot and started repair work to restore the much needed gas supply.  Several areas of Balochistan were without gas after the explosion.

Meanwhile the power shortfall reached 4500 MW on Friday as the generatin was only 7500 MW against the demand of 12000 MW, according to NTDC.


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