Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Leaked Script

August 28, 2017


In the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 the mother of Dragons, Daenerys will die during childbirth. A scene similar to the one when Ned Stark was trying to comfort her sister Lyanna when she gave birth to Jon Snow. What else will happen in this episode? Read below but you are warned that this episode makes a grim reading.

Scene 1

First scene will only include the soundtrack of R. Djawadi, there’s no dialogue in the first five minutes. We first see the Knights of the Vale preparing themselves for an attack. We get a shot of the Lannister, Tully and Stark army marching to the Vale. Jaime, Tyrion, Edmure and Bronn are seen leading their men. Then we see the Golden Company getting on board of Euron Greyjoy’s ships. The Knights of the Vale see a huge storm approaching slowly, Yohn Royce is commanding the Army of the Vale to keep their spears of dragonglass ready. Robin Arryn fights alongside Yohn Royce. Lord Royce isn’t too pleased to have Robin Arryn commanding their men. You can literally read that from his face.

Scene 2

First line comes from Yohn Royce who commands his men to keep ready. Wights start to invade the Bloody Gate. Robin Arryn is commanding the archers, but fails miserably. Inside the Eyrie, we see Lady Sansa together with Gendry and Brienne of Tarth. Gendry says goodbye to Sansa and joins the fight. Sansa tells Gendry she hopes he’ll come back. Gendry expresses his doubt. Brienne of Tarth also wants to join the fight, but Sansa isn’t too fond of that idea. She wants Brienne to stay with her, but Brienne says she can’t save Sansa if the Wights invade inside the Eyrie as well. She swore to protect Sansa and the best way to do that is to keep the entry of the Vale safe from the Night King’s army. Sansa hugs Brienne and thanks her for everything she has done to protect her family. Brienne leaves to join the fight.

Scene 3

News reaches Dragonstone that the Golden Company is on their way to attack Queen Daenerys. Daenerys commands her remaining Unsullied and Dothraki to protect Dragonstone from invading there. Varys advises her to leave Dragonstone immediately, but Daenerys doesn’t listen to his counsel. She realizes that her water has broken and she’s ready to labor. Missandei and Samwell help Daenerys and make her rest right away. Samwell is Worried because Daenerys’s baby is coming Way to soon.

Scene 4

Then we see three White Walkers from a distance watching how the Wights win from the Knights of the Vale. The Night King is flying on Viserion above the White Walkers, watching the spectacle as well. Viserion apparently has lost one of his eyes and his right Wing got gravely injured. Brienne is fighting for her life. Robin Arryn is almost attacked by several Wights and runs away to hide inside of the Eyrie. Sansa confronts him that he promised to fight with his men, but Robin expresses his lack of interest in the survival of his men.

Brienne, Lord Royce and Gendry continue to fight but it looks like a losing side until now. The White Walkers now start to invade the Eyrie as well. A roaring Undead Dragon can be heard. A one blue-eyed Undead Viserion flies above Lord Royce and his men and sets them afire. Then we hear the roaring of another dragon. The Night King looks behind and sees Jon Snow on Drogon helping the Lord of Vale out. Beneath Jon Snow, we see the Tully, Lannister and Northern forces joining the fray. Lots of Wights are set afire by Drogon while the Westerosi armies slaughter them. It looks like the Dragonfire doesn’t affect the White Walkers, though. Bronn manages to kill of a White Walker with two spears of Dragonglass. Jaime sees that Brienne is getting in trouble with another White Walker. She gets stabbed right in the guts and that’s when Jaime goes mad and stabs the WW from behind. Brienne is dying and Jaime holds her in her arms. She asks Jaime to keep Sansa and Arya safe, as she promised that to Lady Catelyn. Jaime says he will do that for her. Brienne last words are that Jaime is a honorable man. She dies in his arms.

Scene 5

Arya, the Hound and Nymeria are entering a snowy King’s Landing. The Hound remarks that he hasn’t missed the stinking city at all and Arya agrees. Arya notices that the city has changed a lot since she has left and walks past a destroyed Sept of Baelor. To be in the same place again reminds her of Ned Stark. She tells the Hound it’s time to pay the Lannisters their debts.

Scene 6

Daenerys is starting to labor. It’s Samwell and Missandei who help her with it. Varys witnesses how a smaller part of the Golden Company is invading the shores of Dragonstone. The Unsullied try to stop them from entering the stairs to the castle. The Dothraki fight them on shore. Jorah and a small part of the Northern army join the fight as well. Jorah tries to get inside the castle to protect Daenerys.

Scene 7

In the Eyrie, the army of the Undead is diminishing by the second. Edmure is leading his men very well; Tyrion does too. The Night King is no longer mounting Viserion and tries to get inside the Eyrie with another White Walker. Viserion tries to attack Gendry and opens his mouth to spitfire on him. Gendry mounts a spear of Dragonglass in the mouth of the dragon. Undead Viserion falls from the rocks of the bloody gate and it is Drogon who finishes the job and sets Viserion on fire.

Scene 8

Jorah has made it into Dragonstone and finds Daenerys laboring. Things don’t look too bright for her. A sad Samwell concludes that both mother and child could never survive together and he only can save one of them. Jorah wants Daenerys to survive but Daenerys doesn’t want to give up on her baby. Samwell sets through and Daenerys manages to deliver her baby. Samwell tells Daenerys that she has delivered a girl and asks for her name. A very weakened Daenerys Wants to name her baby Lyanna, as Jon Would have liked that. Daenerys is dying and Missandei, Varys and Jorah realize that. The Golden Company is getting the upper-hand and start to invade the stairs to Dragonstone as well. Daenerys says goodbye to Jorah and thanks him for always being there for her. Jorah expresses his love for her and Daenerys asks Jorah to continue his oath and to keep her daughter safe for her together with Missandei. She asks Jorah to release her from her suffering and to kill her. Jorah says he never could and it’s Varys who puts Samwell’s sword, Heartsbane, through Daenerys’s chest.