Funeral prayers in absentia held in Peshawar for two Afghans killed in France

PESHAWAR, Jan 13 (INP): A Pakistani cleric led some two dozens followers in funeral in absentia or Ghayebana Nimaz-e-janaza in Peshawar for the two Afghan brothers who attacked a magazine office in Paris, France.

The organisers made announcements though loud speakers urging people to attend the funeral prayers of the two Muslim brothers killed in France.

They chose a green quiet public park for the funeral. Most of the people didn’t know about the two brothers and the attack they carried out in Paris when heard the announcements for funeral.

First a few madrassa students arrived in the park and then after an hour a senior cleric and administrator of the seminary, Pir Mohammad Chishti came to lead his followers gathered for the funeral.

The funeral was delayed for one hour due to a limited number of people arrived there.

“We were expecting a large number of people would come and join us. See tens of thousands of people gathered in France to show solidarity with their slain men but the Muslims didn’t come to take part in funeral in absentia of the two heroes who did this great job,” said one of the madrassa students, and participants of the funeral, Mohammad Rasheed Ahmad.

After the cleric led the funeral, the mourners started shouting “Long live Islam and long live the martyrs of France.”


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