Fowzia Siddiqui urges PM, COAS to use their influence for release of Aafia Siddiqui

LAHORE: Further delay in the release of the daughter of the nation, who has been serving 86-year term in the United States for no crime of her, is the contempt of whole Pakistani nation, said Aafia Movement leader Dr Fowzia Siddiqui.

Addressing a crowded press conference in Lahore Press Club (LPC) on Sunday, she said General Raheel Sharif is amongst the most powerful and influential persons of the world and he is also the custodian of the solidarity of Pakistan. She said chief of army staff (COAS) Gen Raheel and Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Sharif with their joint efforts can bring innocent Aafia back home, adding with the return of Aafia the present atmosphere of fear and harassment would be ended, and the confidence of people on the political and military leadership restored.

Dr Fowzia said in our society the daughters are considered as the honor of the nation. The rulers and politicians have already declared Aafia as the daughter of the nation. Inordinate delay in her release is the dishonor and contempt to the whole Pakistani nation and leadership. This delay has been creating a sense of insecurity amongst citizens. She said people belonging to every religion, every school of thought and every walk of life like Aafia and the peace-loving people of whole world are concerned about her detention.

She said today Aafia could not see yet another cricket world cup. Her children would miss their mother during each cricket match. General Raheel Sharif should take efforts to give the nation a prize of super world cup by bringing Aafia back home before the world cup final. She hoped that the army chief and the prime minister will bring Aafia home. “The army chief has taken the oath of defending the geographical and ideological boundaries of the country and I appeal him to play his crucial role in return of Aafia”.

She said in the present circumstances heavy responsibility is laid on his shoulders and Inshallah with the support of whole nation he would bring Aafia back home.



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