Four hanged in Punjab jails

RAWALPINDI/SARGODHA/MIANWALI: Four condemned prisoners were hanged in jails of Attock, Mianwali, Sargodha and Rawalpindi on Tuesday morning.

Sargodha Central Jail , established in 1910 ,  saw its first execution in 105 years when prisoner Mohammad Riaz, a resident of Khushab District, was hanged.

Riaz was convicted of killing a man in 2000 during a robbery. He was charged with death penalty by a Rawalpindi’s anti-terrorism court. He had been sentenced under the section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA).

Prisoner Akram-ul-Haq, convicted for kidnapping a three-year-old girl, was hanged in Attock Jail.

Separate cases of kidnapping for ransom and terrorism were registered against Haq in police station of Fateh Jang — tehsil headquarters of Attock District.

Meanwhile, prisoner Mohammad Ameen, convicted for killing a person on personal enmity, was hanged in Central Jail Rawalpindi ,  also known as Adiala Jail.

Death row prisoner Hubdar Shah was hanged till death in Mianwali Central Jail early on Tuesday. The convict was awarded the death sentence for killing two persons in 2000.


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