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Foreign policy challenges and economic welfare

The government has been quick to assail the climate change problem by starting the 10 billion tree plantation program. There is no greater threat to our shared future than climate change. Every inhabitant of Pakistan, no matter what political outlook or association, must put in their full energy in making certain that this program becomes a booming achievement. One might not have voted for Imran Khan, but it is to our benefit as Pakistanis that he attains to this goal. The government has skillfully handled the Dutch cartoon crisis situation. The government has decided to take Dr. Atif Mian of Princeton on the Economic Advisory Council. Given Dr. Atif’s religious backdrop, PM’s choice to call upon his expertise is not only good for Pakistan’s economic planning but also as a strong symbol that merit will triumph over bigotry in Naya Pakistan. This is all the country really needs and if Imran Khan can ensure this, he will win back even those people who had become disenchanted with him. There are of course several foreign policy challenges entwined with our economic welfare. Most significant of these is our position vis-a-vis the tacit economic war that is being waged between the US and China. China is a rising super power. Its purpose behind the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), of which CPEC is a central part, is to project its power worldwide. A Chinese military base in Pakistan is a big insurance for strength. China has also got a base in the Maldives and will possibly get a base in Sri Lanka as well. It is extremely imperative for Islamabad to have a relationship of equality with Beijing. Our main concern should be to build up Gwadar as soon as possible as a modern international metropolis that can be of assistance to us to pay back all loans to China. To do this, we need to give Gwadar all the required exemptions. It should be made a free trade zone. A flourishing tourist- friendly Gwadar would be a priceless asset. We believe that the government has the prudence to resolve the issues of the past. At the moment, we need now more than ever before the winning spirit, which Imran Khan exhibited in 1992 as World Cup captain. Imran Khan as Prime Minister needs to exhibit World Cup winning spirit again.

Imran Khan as Prime Minister needs to exhibit World Cup winning spirit again.


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