Flow of illegal weapons, ban on capital punishments

The rangers Monday successfully foiled the terrorist bid to get release their colleagues imprisoned in Central jail Karachi. The terrorists were reportedly digging up tunnel and were only 50 metres away from the barracks where over 100 dangerous terrorist were locked up. The effective coordination between the intelligence agencies and timely action by the rangers has not only save Karachi but entire Pakistan by foiling the plans. Had the terrorists managed to get their colleagues out from jail, the move would have nothing more than a catastrophic. These hardened terrorists languishing in jail for years at the expenses of the taxpayers’ hard-earned money deserve no mercy. Pakistan has seen a sharp increase in terrorists’ acts since the launching of operation Zarb-e-Azab. The terrorists first holed up in tribal areas somehow managed to make their way across the country. Karachi is the major city where the terrorists are launching attacks on sensitive installations. In most of the cases, due to effective coordination among the law enforcement agencies personnel, the terrorists could not succeed in taking control or destroying the entire infrastructures in Karachi as well Quetta and other parts of the country. The use of sophisticated foreign weapons by the anti state elements speaks volume about the weapons smuggling in the country. It also exposed the credibility of those quarters who failed to track down the supply routes what to say about nabbing the dealers. There seems no effective check and balance in the offing to put an end to arms smuggling into the country. The most of the sophisticated arms since then fell in to the hands of terrorists’ outfits and other criminals who took full advantage of the situation. Now it is no secret to anybody that Pakistan’s streets has badly been infested with the illegal weapons. There is dire need to review the deweaponisation policy. It appeared now that the problem is far bigger than witnessed in the past. As reported most of the weapons dealers have been abusing the relevant arms import policy by under-invoicing their goods, they have brought into the country weapons in far greater quantities than their quota allowed. The previous PPP government made approved amendments to its arms import policy in 2014. But non-implementation of the policy till now has paved the way to the arm dealers to spread their network across the country and supply sophisticated weapons as one can easily buy from 9 mm pistol to Kilashunkov through middle men or by himself.

The practice needs to be curbed as country can not afford sale of arms any further , while the reasons behind the Pakistan’s ever-increasing graph of violence is disparate and many, there’s one thing that underpins it all; one thing that, so to speak, facilitates violence — readily available weaponry. If all the tensions that are currently ripping the country apart remained, even then it would be possible to argue that were this not such a heavily weaponised environment, the levels of threat-escalation would be lower. Nowhere is this more evident than in Karachi, which is seeing steadily increasing levels of heinous crimes . Then there are security challenges of a different nature which must be countered in different ways, as each equation demands. But in each case, reducing the number of arms coming into the country and deweaponisation are the first critical steps as it would definitely help in reducing violent crimes and might save our young generation from falling prey to any violent crime. The common man is the ultimate suffer as in most of the innocent citizens lost their lives after being targeting with highly sophisticated weapons.

It is a matter of concern too for those sitting on the helm of affairs that how the anti state element manage to smuggle Russian, Israeli, Indian and other foreign countries weapons into the country and still the deweaponisation policy is resting at the tables of bureaucrats who feel free to go anywhere with the army of heavily armed guards while a common man sleeps a restless night because he has nothing but to depend on government when it comes to have peaceful environment.

The government and all the stakeholders have to sit on same table to devise a comprehensive strategy to purge the country of illegal arms. The easy access to weapons ranging from handgun to anti-aircraft guns pose a serious threat to civilian as well government too as not a month goes by when the terrorists either blow up gas pipeline or fire mortar shell at the heavily guarded government installations. All what country need to purge the country of illegal arms and implement deweaponisation policy and ensure it’s implementation in letter and spirit. Thousands of terrorists are languishing in various jails across the country and pose a serious threat to country’s sovereignty. The government must lift ban on capital punishment. The self-confessed terrorists must be sent to gallows to get even with them.


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