Floods, terrorism, target killing and political impasse

There seems no end to ongoing devastated floods situation, terrorism, target killing and politics of character assassination. The southern Punjab is struggling to cope with the post flood destruction. Emergency has been declared in Thatta and Sujawal on all protective embankments of Indus River in both districts and advised the residents of Kutcha areas to shift to safer places. Claims are being made by the concerned quarters that all protective bunds have been strengthened and were under strict vigilance round the clock etc etc. Pakistan Army on one side continued flushing out terrorism while on the other side busy in relief and rescuing activities in flood hit areas along with navy and other relevant agencies affectees as well striving hard to rehabilitate them. The terrorists are on the run as operation Zarb Azab achieving ‘set goals’ successfully. The killing of TTP senior commander Gul Hassan by the security forces in NW appeared to be major setback for the terrorist outfit. While the martyrdom of a soldier and killing of over 15 terrorists on Saturday showed the commitment of armed forces to purge the country from inhuman, coward terrorists at all cost.

Karachi no doubt is considered as backbone of country’s economy, is again in the grip of anti state, anti social elements who are openly challenging the writ of State by launching attacks on sensitive installations of state, killing people of all walks of life without getting caught. Despite the ongoing operation launched by the police and rangers, there seems no let up in crime of heinous nature. Target killers are executing political, religious personalities to spread anarchy not only in the metropolitan but also across the country. The innocent men (son of Allama Abbas Kummeli and son-in law of renowned scholar Mufti Naeem) having no affiliation to any political or religious party have been killed by the ruthless target killers to create sectarian violence. The operation launched by the police and rangers is underway but so far, the concerned quarters failed to achieve the desired results. The recruitments in Sindh police department on political basis have badly damaged the credibility of the force. There are reports that most of the blue-eyed cops recruited have criminal records besides the rest of the department is already infested by the corruption. Those sitting on the helm of affairs are making no serious efforts to purge the force from black sheep. People have lost confident in the system. The footage aired on electronic media showing a DSP taking Rs five lac bhutta is any eye-opener for the city bigwigs. Though the DSP and a lady SHO has been suspended but it would not make any difference as after passage of some time both the officials will be back in the office. There is a dire need of introducing reforms and holding across the board accountability in the department to control the law and order situation which is getting worst with each passing day. People are again left at the mercy of target killers, bhutta mafia and become victims of government lethargic attitude towards the very issues and it appeared that the provincial government has changed its priorities billion of rupees have been spent on the construction and renovation of the new Sindh Assembly building while the police department keeps crying for more financial assistance to buy more vehicles, safety equipments besides complaining short of manpower. Thus Karachities are again feeling ignored and insecure due to the sharp rise in crimes of heinous nature and lethargic attitude being adopted by the provincial government in handling the situation.

While on the political front, the deadlock remained with no resolution being sighted so far. The blame games continued by the government, PTI, PAT as allegations of some very serious nature are being leveled against each other. The character assassination is very much there. The political jirga striving hard to bring all stakeholders to table for resumption of dialogues but keeping in view the developments taken place on political arena, there seems no possibility of dialogues’ resumption. The political jirga has reportedly forwarded suggestions to government, PTI and PAT for ending the impasse. They have ruled out possibility of PM Nawaz Sharif’s resignation arguing that he can only tender resignation if his involvement in the rigging proved. But both the protesting parties are not ready to accept anything short than Prime Minister’s regination arguing that they can not expect any justice as long Nawaz Shaif remained in the power as he would influenced the judiciary. The judiciary which is hearing some cases related to the current political situation, has assured that it would uphold the supremacy of the constitution and would deliver justice as per the guidelines enshrined in the country’s constitution.

The situation is getting messier with each passing day as political confrontation so far has left adverse affect on country’s economy besides making the lives of people more difficult.


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