Flood submerged 50 villages in Pannu Akil

PANO AKIL, Sept 19 (DNA): Flood water has entered the rural areas of Pano Akil engulfing more than 50 villages completely. Kheraj Goth, Samoun Goth, Somra, Sanghi, rural districts of Union Council Noraja along with 25 rural districts of Union Council Sadoja are inundated in flood water.

Nothing yet has been done in order to facilitate the transfer of flood victims neither could any relief activity be witnessed.

A Non-Government Organization (NGO) has set up a medical camp at Somra Bacha dyke, which is without any doctor.

No relief activity by the government has been initiated near the dykes so the people have started to migrate on their own. Harvest including crops of rice, sugarcane and cotton worth millions of rupees has been swept away caused huge monetary loss.

Wheat crops are usually cultivated in October but in the wake of these floods the preparation would now start with a two months delay and the cultivators would consequently face a loss of millions of rupees. By day end today, whole of Pano Akil would submerge in flood water.

Numerous settlements in the vicinity of Guddu barrage have been inundated with water. Crops stretched over hundreds of acres have been obliterated and people have left their houses to rescue themselves. Dozens of villages in Pano Akil and Ghotki submerged in flood water.

Land communication to many areas has also been disrupted. 29 villages in Qadirpur have been affected and 49,000 acres of area drowned in the flood water. Water torrent has engulfed many settlements in Khairpur and Noshero Feroze.=DNA

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