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Flights cancelled as thick fog blanket engulfs Punjab

LAHORE: Flight operations were cancelled because of reduced visibility caused by a thick blanket of fog which engulfed Punjab late Tuesday night.

Maximum visibility was reduced to just 20 meters in Multan and its surrounding areas as the dense fog descended causing further drop in temperatures. Flight operations were suspended at Multan’s International airport. A flight of national airlines coming in from Karachi was sent back while a flight of a private airline from Dubai was also told to turn back due to the extreme weather.

The extreme weather conditions have also caused delays in train schedules for the past few days. A cold wave also swept across Faisalabad with reduced visibility.

Highway authorities have issued a warning to motorists to remain extra vigilant while driving. A national highway has been closed for traffic from Rasulabad to Buburlu in Khairpur due to the dense fog.

According to Motorway Authority’s Spokesperson, citizens should avoid unnecessary travel during this time.


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