Flexibility required to end the marches

It seems that the much hyped and live telecasted political drama in the capital is finally moving towards its drop scene in the next few days. Both leaders of the twin protests have announced the final stage in their own ways; somehow Imran Khan successfully has gained the strength of more people in his sit-in in the Red Zone. On his call his supporters have initiated to hold protests and rallies in other cities of the country as well, which obviously would put more pressure on the government, while Tahir ul Qadri has given the time period of two days to the authorities to meet his demands else he would not be responsible for any infamous incident. Although some demands of the PTI are extreme, demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister but other demands of electoral reforms and accountability of the rotten eggs, who rigged the general elections directly or indirectly. Dismissive attitude of the government regarding the verification of voter lists of four constituencies became the main reason to boost the moral of the protesters that they are now demanding more than that. Another huge mistake sparked the sentiments of the masses and particularly to the followers of Qadri was the brutal tragedy of the Lahore in which more than two dozen innocent people including two women were killed by the Punjab Police. Authorities found it a casual case but it was their weak political sight which could not estimate the uproar could be caused by the incident. More than two months have passed but FIR has not been lodged, provided the enough spirit to angry protesters to march towards Islamabad and energy to sit-in right in front of the Parliament House for more than ten days.

On the other side incumbent government has alleged that from the sit-ins of PTI and PAT economy of the country is being suffered but it seems that they are not willing to meet the demands of the protesters. They have started to show their power by organizing rallies and processions in collaboration with their allied political parties, on Monday government hold protests in Federal capital and also in the provincial capital of the Punjab. They must realize that it’s always the government who satisfies the demands of the protesters but it is surprising to know that political parties in the power are showing their strength in spite of solving the crisis. It is the time that all the stakeholders should show some flexibility in their attitudes and demands to end the deadlock as they say politics is the art of successful negotiations but at the moment it seems that all the political parties are not at their best in this art.

Imran’s relentless pursuit to unseat the government has not been supported by any other political party within the parliament. Parliamentarians of other parties are not happy with his extreme calls, although his call for the electoral reforms has been welcomed. Even if he succeeds in his desperate demands, the dangerous trend of taking out to roads to topple a sitting government will be a hanging sword for any upcoming government, including Khan’s. Prime Minister Nawaz sharif must ask his ministers to refrain from passing sarcastic remarks about the protesters which would obviously put more hurdles in solving the ongoing crises. Authorities must also realize that a powerful, independent and reformed election commission and electoral process would not only strengthened the democracy but would also boost the morale of the voters who were disheartened by the shameful rigging of general elections of 2013.


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