FJWU BCA students showcase diverse and creative work

imagesRAWALPINDI (DNA) The students of Bachelors of Computer Arts at Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) have presented their final year thesis work in exhibition that showcased the diverse and creative work of the students during the whole semester. Students displayed their work in the disciplines of Graphics, Animation, Photography, Paintography and Video Production.

 While appreciating the diversity of the young artists, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Samina Amin Qadir said that, “the work of students is excellent and they have produced unique art under the supervision of their competent supervisors. She urged the students and Faculty to link their work with the industry so they can get sponsors. This will also enhance the marketability of students”.

Students worked rigorously to produce excellent work. Selection of topics was diverse and outcome was exciting in term of medium explored. Exhibition was successful in establishing the point that the department excels in creating individuals who possess the ability to thinkcreatively and convey even most complex ideas.

The exhibition is designed aesthetically and a blend of unique art objects, portraying the talent of students. The highlight of the show was the work done in the field of short films in 2D and 3D animations.

The exhibition was attended by large number of students and faculty members. The art work on the display at FJWU included a wide range of talent and received an equally good and marvelous response and appreciation from the visitors.

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