Five Pillars of State

Any one heard about a society which is polarized as a whole, nobody stands for a cause but just for their own interests and objectives. Heard of a country which has 8th largest army and is the atomic power, where government didn’t have much resources to run the country but the politicians have investments in foreign countries more than in their country. Want to heard of a country which is rich in minerals have more coal than the oil in middle east, have billion and trillions of reserves but is still under international funds or want money from the IMF (international monetary fund) to run the government. In world one country exists which is Pakistan.

Now every developed society have pillars of state, more the pillars are strong more the state will be stable. The Politics, Economy, Judiciary, Military and now the major and the powerful information tool i.e. Media, one can say it the middle man serving as the bridge in between the society and the government or state.

Every state have these major pillars. Government has to run the system smoothly so that everyone will get their rights which are necessary. In a democratic system after every 5 years the government is being changed. In a political process bureaucracy plays a major role in building up the policies regarding each and every aspect of the society, but due to lack of professionalism we are still far behind. Sometimes governments blame the former governments, but didn’t work much for future nor try to do so. Every individual try to maintain his/her own hegemony in the organization, you may call it the interest game.

On the other hand the economy is the major pillar of any state because it is the base to develop the whole society. More the economy will strong more the society will be developed, one of the example of strong economy is UAE. If the basic needs of the society will be fulfilled then the individuals in the society will try to contribute towards nation building or for the development of society. Maslow’s hierarchy is the best example to understand the whole scenario. Pakistan economy mostly based on agriculture then rely on other resources. Every year Pakistan losses billion of rupees due to floods in different areas. Our fields are destroyed, trade is also effected and also due to other major factors. From 2005 our GDP (gross domestic product) increases 5% per year. Pakistan generate revenue every year but the overall progress is not up to the mark.

The third major pillar of the state is Judiciary. Judiciary was restored in PPP regime after the long march movement by the lawyers. Now on the grass root level justice is not provided or the process of the justice is very slow due to which the society is hopeless.

The fourth major pillar of the state is military. Pakistan has the eight largest army in world. The only Muslim country to have nuclear technology. Skilled and professional security agencies the ISI and MI etc. Pak army defending the country internally and externally. Operating with the terrorists in different regions of country, fighting with terrorism. The soldier’s scarified their lives for the mother land and protection of people, guards the borders rather it’s navy, air force, army or any other security agency. Due to strong army no one think of attacking country, but tries to destabilize Pakistan. But with the efforts of the security agencies our enemy didn’t succeeded yet.

The fifth and the last major pillar or you may called it important pillar of any state in modern societies is the media. It’s the most powerful tool in today’s world. Providing the services of middle man or the bridge in between the society and the government. Informing about each and every aspect of society

to the society. But now the media has the power to direct the society so what to think about i.e. diverting the attention of the society towards any issue. Media is the information tool for the society, can help in the process of accountability and transparency, providing the justice to society by highlighting the social issues. But on the other side the media is somehow controlled by the multi-national corporations, the advertising agencies due to which the media didn’t work more properly or to the expected level rather than sensationalizing the things or creating the hype among the masses. But no doubt it is the major pillar which has to guard the national interest.

Now these all pillars, Politics, Economy, Judiciary, Military and the Media are important and are inter linked one another or we may called it the five fingers of one hand. If the society will work like the hand than it’s a positive sign for Pakistan. These important pillars can help in strengthening the society. The last sentence I want to write is “united we succeed, divided we won’t”.

 Muhammad Shoaib Khan

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