First phase of four-day anti-polio drive kicks off in Karachi


KARACHI: First phase of four-day anti-polio campaign will kick off from today (Monday) in three districts of Karachi.

According to health department, the polio drive will be conducted in 42 union councils of district West, 51 UC’s of district Central and in district East.

Over 10,25,343 children will be inoculated polio drops in all the districts in which 5,16,600 in West, 3,45,700 in Central and 1,25,000 in East district will be included.

Atleast 1300 police officials have been deployed in district West for the security of 518 workers, 1200 officials for 1236 workers in Central and 1200 officials for 541 workers in East.

Second phase of the anti-polio campaign will be carried out in district Maleer, Korangi, South and some areas of district East from November 13 to November 16.

The drive was earlier posponed twice in the metropolis due to security issues after which it has been decided to launch it in two phases.

Health teams in Pakistan have been attacked repeatedly since the Taliban denounced vaccines as a Western plot to sterilize Muslims and imposed bans on inoculation in June 2012.

There is evidence in tests conducted on sewage samples in some of the country s major cities that the polio virus is starting to spread beyond these isolated pockets and could soon spark fresh polio outbreaks in more densely populated areas.

The virus has been cornered to just a handful of areas in Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the three countries where polio is endemic. Global cases have dropped by more than 99.9 percent in less than three decades, from 350,000 in 1985 to just 223 last year, according to the GPEI.

The World Health Organization says as long as any child remains infected, children everywhere are at risk.

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