Fighting Ebola

Terror of Ebola is spreading around the world but African continent is the worst hit. Countries all over the world are taking serious measures to stop the spread of this deadly virus into their countries.

In Pakistan, two suspected cases of the fatal virus Ebola have emerged in Pakistan: one in Karachi and another in Islamabad. But one element is the same both of them were living in African countries. Muhammad Haroon, who travelled from Liberia, the West African country which is worst hit by Ebola as its death toll stands around 3,000 so far, arrived at Karachi airport and found with the symptoms of Ebola. One more shocking news emerged later that our beloved country does not even have the facilities to test whether the patient is suffering from Ebola or not. So, his fate and on the broader level the fate of the country, is in limbo because his blood samples have been dispatched to the National Institute of Health (NIH) Islamabad, which will decide to what country these samples will be sent for tests. The problem does not appear to be on our government’s priority list at this moment. Politicians found very often to raise tall claims to improve health facilities but these claims remain just claims.

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