Fencing at Torkham

Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif on Friday met with Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan Dr Omer Zakhilwal and agreement to resume the routine traffic from the Torkham border was made during the meeting. The Pak-Afghan border at Torkham remained close for couple of days after situation became tense between the border security forces of the two countries over the issue of fencing.

Afghan border security officer came to the site and asked Pakistani counterpart to stop the installation of barbed-wire and fencing near the border. Situation became tense and Afghan border police and Afghan National Army took positions and moved their tanks and armoured vehicles close to the Torkham border.

Pakistani authorities closed the Torkham border after the incident and ordered a halt to the traffic moving across the border.

Considering the illegal movement from Afghan side into Pakistan, installation of fence on the border makes sense. Pakistan has raised concerns of militants coming from Afghanistan into Pakistan for terrorist activities. It was proved that militants involved in gory incident of Bacha Khan University terrorist attack, were illegally came from Afghanistan.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are facing the menace of terrorism and combined efforts are required to achieve peace in the region. Both countries should settle the issues with consultation and by taking each other in confidence. Afghan authorities should realize that Pakistan’s proposal would serve the interests of both the Afghan and Pakistani states and people. Torkham border has significant importance for people, usually Afghans who come into Pakistan for access to healthcare and other family reasons, they should not be punished.

Monitoring illegal movement would serve the interests of both countries and people.




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