Federal employees suffer due to PTI, PAT protests

ISLAMABAD (INP): All the federal ministries located in the Red Zone of Islamabad have become non-functional due to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) sit-in protests outside the Parliament House.

According to reports, the protestors are performing the duties of security and searching all the vehicles and individuals entering the red zone. Federal Employees trying to reach their offices are asked to prove their identity and then told to return. Even if some manage to reach at the gates of their offices or Pak Secretariat, they cannot enter because the gates are shut.Moreover, the senior officers said that they are sometimes harassed by the protesters as they try to inspect them at the Constitution Avenue.

Many federal employees told this agency that they are unable to withdraw their salaries because of closure of offices and the bank branch in the Pak Secretariat. They said they have exhausted their savings and it is becoming difficult for them to pay the tuition fees, utility charges and meet the day to day food requirements of their families. Some of the middle level officers said they obtained loans from friends and relatives but cannot do so for unspecified period of time. Class IV and clerical staff is the worst affected as they wait for the first of the month to withdraw their salaries.

Red Zone is a central area in the Federal Capital where Prime Minister’s office, ministries and many embassies are also located. Thousands of protesters of PTI and PAT have gathered outside the Parliament House for past two weeks demanding the acceptance of their demands.


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